Nekane NKN was founded in Barcelona in 2002 by Montse Garrido And Jorge Juan González.

Jorge´s extensive experience in the fashion industry, along with Montse’s creative vision, inspired their first collection.

The goal was clear from the very beginning: Designing a unique quality product at an affordable price.

The Nekane collections are inspired by fashion trends, catwalks and street style, - but always staying true to the romantic Nekane style

with boho brushstrokes that emphasizes the combination of soft and warm colors, coordinated delicately with

carefully chosen fabrics and distinguished details.

Nekane uses see-through clothes bare backs, lace and tulle: Perfect materials to make woman feel feminine, special and unique.

The selection of fabrics is key to the Nekane brand, always assuring the best quality products.

The selection of ornaments are customized in Italy, and gives the final touch to the beautiful Nekane collections.

The result is a set of garments designed for women that blend together in infinite combinations, offering a harmonious whole

without sacrificing quality requirements that characterize the brand.


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